Experienced Civil Appellate Representation

At the Law Office of Brian C. Unitt appellate law is the focus. Whether you are looking to overturn an adverse ruling or preserve a judgment in your favor, you need an experienced appellate attorney like Brian Unitt who has handled many challenging appeals throughout California.

Providing Skilled Advocacy
For Clients In Riverside, Santa Cruz and Across California

Brian’s Services

Appellate Law Consultant

Providing appellants with the support they need to present a strong appeal for their case.

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Civil Law Appeals

Handling complex civil matters and oral arguments across the state.

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Personal Injury Appeals

Advocating for injured Californians who were denied compensation at trial.

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Climate Change

Brian is passionate about tackling environmental law cases related to climate change, both litigation and appeals.

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Experience And Skill Honed
By Decades Of Appellate Advocacy

Over his four-decade career, Brian Unitt has dedicated his practice to appellate representation, taking difficult appeals where his skills as a State Bar certified civil appellate law specialist are most needed. He takes cases in a broad range of civil appellate matters, including severe personal injury cases, contract disputes, wrongful termination claims, family law, and workers’ compensation matters.

Brian is sought after by his peers in the legal community not only for his skills in case analysis, brief writing and oral argument, but also for his ability to advise them on preserving issues at the trial level and making a solid record for appeal. His goal is to give you the best chance of success on appeal, and that starts at the trial court level.

A Passionate
Environmental Defender

In addition to his work in civil appellate litigation, Brian has a special interest in cases that involve climate change issues. Brian is committed to fighting to preserve our natural environment and works with companies, nonprofits and individuals to guide them in green energy projects. He helps in bringing the claims in court as well as on appeal if the claim has already been to trial. Brian also is active in filing amicus curiae briefs on behalf of these parties for other litigation or appeals in which they have a vested interest.

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Brian C. Unitt

Brian C. Unitt

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